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Realty Mogul is an online marketplace for real estate investments. Giving user the opportunity to invest in commercial real estate that has been thoroughly vetted to increase the possibility of growing property value and generating income.

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How you make money
Dividends & Value
Minimum Investment
Target Return
8% - 15%
Open to
All Investors

How You Make Money

Realty Mogul offers monthly dividends like a dividend-paying stock. Automatically, those dividends are reinvested. Investors can also benefit if the value of the property increases. As a result, dividend payments could increase because of an increase in rent prices or if a property is sold. Dividends have the chance to increase if property rent is raised or if the property is sold. With Realty Mogul, investors are able to browse investments, review their due diligence materials, and sign any legal documents securely online. Investors will also have access to their personal dashboard with the ability to check your investments at anytime.

How They Make Money

Realty Mogul charges an upfront payment (1% - 2%) and a recurring asset management fee (typically 1% - 1.2%).

What are the Investment Risks

Since real estate is backed by actual property, there is usually less risk involved that the investment will go to $0. Some of the ways to lose money include: incomplete rehabilitations, vacancies, the inability to refinance, and poor real estate selling markets. You will not be able to withdrawal your investment until a sale or refinancing occurs which means this investment lacks liquidity.

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