Localstake allows small businesses to quickly close funding from local investors.

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How You Make Money

Connect with local businesses, access organized company information and build a diversified portfolio of local investments.

How They Make Money

Localstake makes money by charging companies a $39 monthly subscription fee while preparing to fundraise and a $199 monthly subscription while actively fundraising.

What are the Investment Risks

An investment in early stage businesses involves a high degree of risk, and should be regarded as speculative. Prospective purchasers should consider carefully the risk factors outlined on the Localstake website, among others, in addition to the other information presented in the Offering Materials for each offering, in evaluating the Company and its business. This does not purport to be an exhaustive list of risks associated with investing in small and early stage businesses, or any specific security type. The fact that a risk is listed under a certain security type, does not mean that risk would not exist under a separate security type.

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