Lively is the benefit solutions provider that gets it. Take the guesswork out of managing your benefits with Lively’s robust features and unparalleled service.

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How You Make Money

Whether you are a novice or seasoned investor, Lively’s integrated investment solutions enable you to build and manage your portfolio with ease. So you can confidently maximize the benefits of your HSA (Health Savings Account). Have a say in how much of your funds to invest, instead of incurring opportunity costs to meet a threshold. Set up recurring or sweep transfers to shorten your to-do list and keep building toward your goals. Stay on top of investment activity no matter where you are, directly from your Lively account.

How They Make Money

Lively does not charge a fee to individual or family investors using their Self-Directed Brokerage Account. There is an annual fee of 0.50% for the Lively HSA Guided Portfolio.

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