FarmFundr is a farmer-owned, equity crowdfunding platform focused on specialty crop operations in the United States.

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How you make money
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How You Make Money

Determine what best fits your investment portfolio and invest. All opportunities have been carefully selected and offer high return possibilities. FarmFundr manages all aspects of the farmland, from planting to harvesting to selling while you simply monitor your farm’s progress online. Profits from crop sales are distributed to investors after crops are harvested and sold each year. At the end of the holding period, they will receive their share from the sale of the the land.

How They Make Money

Investors are not charged any fees, instead, FarmFundr charges a fee on capital raised from the sponsor.

What are the Investment Risks

You should view these as risky investments,  riskier than an investment in a stock market index fund, for example. The same is true for any direct investment in real estate. You could lose some or all of your money in any of these investments.

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