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How You Make Money

1031 Crowdfunding provides a range of quality properties for investors seeking a 1031 exchange through a Delaware Statutory Trust (DST). The 45 day Identification Period can be a very stressful event for 1031 Exchange investors. 1031 Crowdfunding can ease the stress with its on-line turnkey solution. Their experienced team of securities and real estate professionals created an online marketplace that can accomplish this for you within days. Not only does this allow you to diversify your investment dollars, but it also grants you access to larger and higher quality pieces of commercial real estate than ever before.

How They Make Money

1031 Crowdfunding takes a 5%-7% fee.

What are the Investment Risks

Investing in real estate could be risky and you should not invest anything you are not willing to lose. Real estate investments are known to have low-moderate liquidity.

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