Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical

Sen-Jam Pharmaceutical is developing a line of anti-inflammatory drugs designed to provide a much-needed update to a multi-billion dollar market that has seen little innovation in the past 30 years, or since aspirin was invented 125 years ago. We are developing 12 different drugs targeting 7 therapeutic areas intended to reduce pain and inflammation by harnessing your body’s immune system, at the very beginning of the inflammatory cascade. We seek to prevent acute inflammation, slow the progression of inflammatory chronic illnesses, and improve health span. According to our research, there are no pharmaceutical products available to the consumer, either Over-the-Counter (OTC) or prescription (Rx), that acts so early, and safely, at the very beginning of inflammation. Our initial drugs are pre-market, patented, and will seek FDA-approval. Sen-Jam is currently enrolling patients in our covid oral therapeutic Phase 2 Clinical Trial in collaboration with Duke University. Sen-Jam is also ready to begin our Phase 2 clinical trial for prevention of alcohol’s toxic effects. Because we repurpose small molecules with over 30 years of safety data, we are able to bring these new pharmaceuticals to the consumer rapidly, using an accelerated FDA pathway for approval.

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