At FloSpine, we have developed a new solution to treat back pain, the KeyLift™. The KeyLift™ is implanted and expands to release nerves that are under pressure due to aging or injury. This condition is known as lumbar spinal stenosis and we believe that we have a new solution to treat it. We consider ourselves to be a leading medical device company applying new technology and design concepts to solve medical problems for the human spinal column. We believe our new, innovative, high-margin and cost-effective medical device spinal implants have the potential to disrupt the pain and spinal market. With 6 US patents, and 4 Patent Applications (2 International), we are in review with the FDAand in prototyping stages for the development of the latest solution for back pain: KeyLift™. FloSpine® is registered as a Medical Device Manufacturer with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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