CERN Corporation

Cern Corporation, Inc. is pre-revenue. We are developing and commercializing an effective, non-drug therapeutic treatment for fungal and bacterial vaginosis. The Cern Device™ uses low-level microbicidal light to mitigate pathogens associated with yeast and bacterial vaginosis in order to promote a healthy microbiome without the need for drugs. The small, device, similar in size to a tampon, is designed for use at home, as needed when needed, based on familiar symptoms. Development to date includes supportive work performed in vitro, ex vivo as well as in vivo (safety). Current work in microbiology expands our understanding of microbicidal light and it's effects on key pathogens associated with yeast and bacterial indications. Results from test data will be used to develop devices suitable for human use which will be validated in an early feasibility study focused on mechanism of action as efficacious in a human model. Cern has been granted utility and design patents along with trademarks. Cern has also received supportive 3rd part assessment specific to Freedom to Operate. Cern Corporation is currently in the pre-revenue and prototype/testing stages of development.

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